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Summer ain’t over until its over!

There’s plenty of time left to have fun in the backyard with friends and family!

During this workshop we will be building a game called ‘Guyere”

“It’s most often called “Gruyere”, but also goes by names like “The Cheese Grater”, “Cheese Board”, “Hole Maze”, or “Hole Board”. It makes perfect sense to name this after cheese, because the playing surface is mostly made up of a large board with so many holes that it looks like Swiss! You pull the strings on either side to move the holder up the board, carefully maneuvering it so the ball inside makes it to the top hole without falling in any of the holes along the way.”

More info here: https://www.chicaandjo.com/diy-wood-yard-game-for-kids-gruyere/



  • Ticket sales END 1 WEEK PRIOR TO EVENT

  • We may not entirely finish the games during the 2 hours BUT we will help do everything so you leave knowing what is left to do OR if you can stay a bit longer we can work with you to finish the project.

  • 1 registered attendee can bring helpers! Spouse, significant other, friend, grandparent, etc etc.