Case Study #1: Comprenew + MCC Geography Electronics Recycling

Case Study #1

Comprenew + MCC Geography Electronics Recycling


Comprenew and the Fab Lab hosted take-a-part events with MCC Geography class for the students to learn about the metals inside electronics and how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Alongside fab lab member/volunteer Randi Huckins and one of MCC’s IT department, Candy Pickard, the students were able to learn about the various electronic components that make up the devices being taken apart. We all learned about various safety practices when dismantling some common electronics, they are not all as safe as they may seem!


Who Was Involved

Full Name

Comprenew – Sarah Laman

Full Name

Randi Huckins – Fab Lab Volunteer/Member

Full Name

Candy Pickard – MCC IT (Ellucian)

What We Used

Hand Tools

Hand tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, hammers and even some power tools!

Hands On Learning

Work with our experts to learn about what you can do with our amazing space and equipment

looking to the future

These events were so popular that several students wrote up essays on the experience for various other classes. The hands-on learning that a place like the fab lab offers really resonated with the students! We hope that this spurs other interaction with other MCC classes and programs!

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