Case Study #3: 3D Scanning Museum Artifacts

Case Study #3

3D Scanning Museum Artifacts


We were approached by the Lakeshore Museum which is located just down the block from us and they were interested in having some 3D scans done of a couple of Hackley era artifacts. They wanted to recreate samples for patrons of the museum to be able to hold, sell printed replicas and send some off to the remaining Hackley family for keepsakes. The 1st object that we scanned was a 19th century hammer used in the logging industry. The 2nd object was a bronze bust of Charles Hackley.

Who Was Involved

Full Name

Chris Kaminsky – Lakeshore Fab Lab

Full Name

Lakeshore Museum Center

Full Name

Chuck Hackley

Full Name

Steve Hackley

What We Used

3D Printing

Create three-dimensional object of all levels of complexity, from toy dinosaurs to high temp resistant engine prototypes

3D Scanning

Create a digital reproduction of an object

looking to the future

The scans ended up turning out great and we even received a letter from a descendant of Charles Hackley himself thanking us.