We’re Open By Appointment!

With Muskegon Community College moving into Phase 4 of its re-opening plan May 17, 2021, we are pleased to announce that the Lakeshore Fab Lab is now open for current and prospective adult members only (age 16 and up) by appointments!

Members: If you had active time remaining on your Lakeshore Fab Lab Membership on 3/1/2020 your membership was on hold throughout the period of shutdown. We know that some may not be ready to come into a public space yet so for now these memberships are on hold until you come into the fab lab the 1st time after the shutdown. Example: John Smith had 3 months left when we shutdown in March 2020, if John comes in on June 1, 2021 his time starts from that date. His new membership expiration date is September 1, 2021.

NOTICE: Your should have received an email on Friday, June 4 from us if you had an active membership at the time of closing to reset your account credentials. This will also include how many months you had left of your membership.


If you had time left on your membership, please check with a staff member when you arrive and they can check and mark you as newly active.



Members can reserve a PC
Members can reserve a desk space
Book a time for a tour or consultation.
New members can book time for an orientation.


You can reserve a piece of equipment using our new website system. You must login using the email you would have signed up for a membership with. You will receive an email prompting you to reset your password early next week. Reservation requires a $5 deposit on machine time that applies towards your total.

If you need to just use a laptop, a PC or just need to work on something in the general lab please use the  Non-Equipment form.


This should go without saying but please do not come in if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID19 or have a potential exposure.

When you come in you will be required to fill out a COVID19 screening form

  • Limited Capacity: Unfortunately for now we have to limit the number of people inside the fab lab
  • Age: Only those 16+ are able to come into the fab lab right now
  • Masks: Vaccinated or not, for now you have to wear a mask. Let’s hope we can all breathe free soon enough!
  • Social Distancing: we all unfortunately know too much about these 2 words but when possible let’s keep some distance between bodies
  • Sanitizing: MCC staff will sanitize high traffic work surfaces and equipment. Hand sanitizer will be available inside and outside of the fab lab

If you are not eligible to come in right now we are still able to offer Curbside Services to help you out.

For more information on Muskegon Community College’s Re-Opening status and more detailed information please visit their Dashboard here.



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